About Hays Happenings

About Hays Happenings?

Hays Happenings is all about finding the FUN in Hays County! Whether it be in Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, Wimberley, Dripping Springs, Mountain City, or Driftwood. There are so many great events and happenings in our local area, and it is hard to keep up with all of them separately, so in late 2015 we created Hays Happenings to be a user-friendly resource for locals and visitors alike to find fun things to do in Hays County.

At Hays Happenings we also strive to promote local Hays County businesses and hope to encourage others to shop local first. We have some of the best local shops and businesses and shopping at them keeps our money local and in return helps the local economy.

We live here. We play here. We shop here.

Our People

In 2017 the Evans Lang family purchased Hays Happenings and are excited to continue founder Lynne Carwile’s work. hayshappenigns

Amanda & Joel moved to Kyle in 2015 and have loved every minute of living in Hays county. When presented the opportunity to purchase Hays Happenings, they jumped at the chance to own a homegrown business that served their community

Their blended family of 7 is always on the go and with kids in 5 schools in Hays County, they are active in the community. They love to travel and never turn down an opportunity to throw a party. Amanda is a 5th-generation Texan and generously granted Joel Honorary Texan status as long as he maintains a strong relationship with High School football, barbecue, and his truck. (And as long as he doesn’t complain too much about how often they eat at Spicy Bite.)

Alaina, the oldest child, family rock, and stand-in-mom, plays at important role at Hays Happenings. She curates special event guides and keeps our social media up to date.

You can keep up with the Evans Lang family by following them on Instagram.