Top 10 Things to do on a Date Night in Wimberley

Wimberley is known as “a little bit of heaven,”, due to its stunning views of the Blanco River and Cypress Creek. It provides an escape for anyone looking to escape the city life and enjoy nature, fine food, art galleries, quaint shops, and more. Plan your next date night in Wimberley with this Hays Happenings guide!

Top 10 Things to do on a Date Night in Wimberley

#1 Leaning Pear – Connect with your date over a table at Leaning Pear. Enjoy fresh cuisine, a relaxing environment, and good conversation!

Wimberley Zipline Date Night in Wimberley#2 Wimberley Zipline – Are you ready for a high flying action packed date night? Wimberley Zipline is the date night option for the adventurous couple. Enjoy hill country views and great company!

#3 Jobell Cafe & Bistro – Enjoy a French rustic menu offering while sitting on the outdoor deck. Jobell Cafe & Bistro is the perfect choice for an amazing date night in Wimberley.

#4 Ino’z Brew and Chew – Listen to live music, eat some good food, all while sitting outside under the great oaks at Ino’z Chew & Brew. Catch up and connect at this date night location.

#5 Wimberley Valley Winery – Enjoy wine tasting & small plates at the Wimberley Valley Winery. This local winery is far from ordinary!

#6 Cypress Creek Cafe – Located on the historic Wimberley Square you can dance the night away at Cypress Creek Cafe. Enjoy live music, hill country views, and delicious cuisine.

#7 Brewster’s Pizza – Brewster’s Pizza is perfect for a date night in Wimberley. If your “date night” is more of a family dining experience Brewster’s is perfect for you too! This family-owned eatery is family friendly and date night worthy!

#8 Bella Vista Ranch – Enjoy olive oil sampling and fresh produce from First Texas Olive Oil Company. Tour the orchard and stay for a tasting.

Dinner and Wine on a Date Night in Wimberley

#9 Marco’s Italian Restaurant – You can have your Lady & The Tramp moment at Marco’s Italian Restaurant. Enjoy pasta or pizza for a perfect date night experience.

#10 Wimberley Playhouse – Get tickets to a first-class live theatre show by the Wimberley Players. If you and your date enjoy a good show this is the date night place for you!

Grab your date and come see why Wimberley is known as “a little bit of heaven” and you are sure to have a great time on your date night in Wimberley!